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What is educatorsLog?

educatorsLog is an app that has been specifically designed by and built for teachers and other educators to help them meet classroom expectations. educatorsLog provides fun, fast and efficient methods for documenting student learning for all grades including full day kindergarten.

What does educatorsLog do?

educatorsLog documents student learning events and helps manage the progression of learning. It is a growing application that makes learning visible with ease, speed, comfort and consistency.

General Features

  • easy to use while teaching in the classroom
  • fast, intuitive & logical
  • record notes
  • record pictures
  • record video
  • attach expectations to each dated event
  • learning events can be done individually or by groups of students
  • use a shared key or create and manage your own expectations on Then download them with the software key to iPhone or iPad for use in your educatorsLog app
  • instantly create a documentation story and email the pdf or send to Dropbox. The pdf can be printed for use in your student learning story binders or shared electronically
  • when you send to Dropbox we create student folders (eportfolios) to automatically sort all your learning stories. When you upload a learning story, each student in the story will receive a copy in their folder. Then, you can easily share the students folder with parents, update Google Drive, other cloud services or update your website
  • does not require an internet connection for daily use
  • tag individual student learning progression comments or marks to your learning events

Teachers can use it for:

  • multiple schools
  • multiple classes
  • multiple locations
  • multiple teachers/ECE’s

Sample Learning Stories:

Compatible Hardware

Available for iPad and iPhone

Where is the data stored?

  • your data is stored on your iPad or iPhone
  • you can back up your data to Dropbox
  • IT Department Notice: If your Board of Education would like to store the data on servers under their control, please ask them to contact us

Data Security

  • Your data resides on your device. It is under your complete control. It is not stored on servers. We and others have no access to it.
  • If you decide to use Dropbox. It is one of the world’s foremost secure cloud services and is as rock solid as possible. Click here for more information.
  • We elected not to use server based storage for security reasons. This is another competitive advantage of educatorsLog because other products do use server storage.

What else can you do with the data?

Download from Dropbox for use in other programs for analysis and planning

Where To Buy?

Name: educatorsLog
Cost: $9.99 CDN
Available on the App Store

How to learn more:

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